Mrs. Miller's 2nd Grade Class 

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We are learning and growing together!

We are a 2nd grade classroom at Orchard View Elementary.  We work hard every day to learn and grow.  This website is for parents and students to see what we have accomplished! Our class motto is "There is no easy path to anywhere worth going."

Padlet question

Our question this week is, "In your "What are you looking forward to this summer?"


Math highlights

This last quarter we are working on 3 digit adding and subtracting.  Fractions and Geometry will be covered as well as continuing our work with time and money.

Word work explained

This year your child will be studying word patterns and not necessarily word lists. They will be started on a level that fits their needs. We will work on the patterns during the week and I will be sending some practice home, but not the actual words on the test. They can work on the pattern until they feel that have it and then try to pass that level. This does not have to be on Friday, but any day they feel ready. If they don’t pass, they work some more and try again. To pass the level, they will need to spell 8 out of 10 pattern words correctly. Then they will move to a new pattern level. In doing this, I hope to help them understand words and be able to use them, instead of memorizing for a test and then forgetting them. We will also be doing some work with high frequency words along the way as well. I know this will seem different, so if it doesn’t make sense after you see the work, then please feel free to contact me.

Class Dojo
We will be working toward 20 points each week to choose a prize.  If students make 25 points, then they get Eagle cash plus choice of prize.  They will earn points for good behavior as well as procedures, specials, and jobs.